About me

Enrico SignorettiMy name is Enrico Signoretti. I’m a passionate IT professional with 25+ years of industry experience in technical product strategy and management roles, advising Mid-Market and Large Enterprises across numerous industries and software companies ranging from small ISVs to large providers.
I’m an enthusiast and always keen to learn about new innovative Information technologies, analyse their applications and to implement solutions. I’m constantly monitoring how
markets evolve, and seeking new ideas and innovative solutions. This has been my passion for several years now, and I love to engage in interesting conversations, share findings, opinions and gather new perspectives from other people in the IT community.
An Internationally renowned visionary author, blogger and speaker on Storage Technologies. I have been tracking the changes in the Storage industry as a Gigaom Research Analyst and contributor to the Register, and on my blog (Juku.it).
I enjoy traveling, meeting people and building long term professional relationships, always eager to find mutually enriching outcomes.
I’m also a fond sailor, kite surfer, and a lazy runner. I have built my own boat and now use it primarily for family cruises.

About my job

I Work as an Independent Analyst and Blogger.

I started Juku.it, a blog about cloud, virtualization and data storage in 2010 as a personal initiative to share my ideas about technology and market evolution. The success of the blog led me to start writing independent commentary content for primary vendors and start-ups, followed by advising and consultancy. I left my previous job and concentrated my activity on advising storage startups and helping them with market and competitive analysis. In these years I also collaborated with other analyst firms, and press in several geographies.

About Juku

Juku(s) are private Japanese schools and are intended to help students improve performance in their regular school work and to optimise exam preparation. Though this type of school is primarily designed for academic subjects, it is not rare to find Jukus for sports and martial arts. The goal of Juku.it is not to replace the traditional means of accessing information, but to inform and discuss the technological aspects that I am more familiar with: IT infrastructure and storage.
Unlike the past, today those who live in the IT environment have to be on the constant lookout: things are changing rapidly and there is a need to be informed, learn quickly and to support important decisions… but how?  This site contains my ideas and opinions which are the result of my daily interaction with vendors, analysts, bloggers, journalists and consultants.  My work doesn’t stop there; the comparison and the search is global, but the sharing and application of my ideas must be local and that is where my daily experience, with organizations which have their roots in the country, becomes essential in providing a truthful/honest and helpful vision. I strongly believe in the “Think Global, Act Local!” motto.


Any request about contents of this blog or other relevant topics can be mailed to enrico@juku.it