If you work in the storage market I’m sure you already know the full stories about HDS (a worldwide leader in high end enterprise storage systems) and BlueArc (a small company producing a family of high performance NAS products): they have a strong worldwide OEM agreement since years and HDS contributes to a large part of BA revenues.
Actually, the relationship between the two companies has always been very tightened and many pundits spent a lot of words questioning about if and when HDS would have bought BlueArc… but we also know that HDS isn’t very famous about its acquisitions strategy! 
Now seems that something is changed and today HDS acquired BlueArc

Why? and Why now?

It’s simple: unstructured data are growing faster than any other type of data and HDS was the last big vendor without its own NAS proposition. 
Why now, in my opinion, the reason is related to the presumable future BlueArc’s IPO and the consequent high risk to lose a so important and strategic partner.

Integration and strategy are the first steps

HDS and BlueArc will host a Webcast in the next few hours, I know that it is early but I’m very curious to know if they already have some hints to share about the future strategy and integration process. 

Bottom line

This is a good move for HDS but, or I would say, a required one to better compete in a modern unified storage market. 

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