After a frantic end of March and start of April where SNWUSA and other work-related tasks absorbed 101% of my life I finally managed to edit all my HDS Bloggers Day videos and uploaded them to our brand-new Vimeo video channel.

Unfortunately my Flipcam ran out of batteries during the David Merrill’s lecture on Storage Economics, the session was a mind-opener to many, unfortunately I was unable to find anyone who taped it.

By the way, here below you’ll find the three videos I made during HDS Bloggers Day 2011 in Sefton Park, they’re pretty rough cut, but I tried to do my best enhancing them enough to be bearable :-), Enjoy!

Hitachi Command Suite 7.0 Hands On Time, featuring @jasonboche, @StorageNerve and @SFoskett.

VAAI Demo running on HDS Virtual Storage Platform virtualizing an old EMC Clariion CX700

Pete Gerr from HDS presenting on the second wave of virtualization.