During HP Discover I had the chance to sit down with some great HP folks, one of these “coffee talks” revolved around a new storage industry-wide effort called SCSI Express.

I recorded a pretty long video (30+ mins) using my camera that unfortunately was thought to be lost in a hard drive crash that I suffered the week after I got back from Vienna, but, fortunately enough, I was recently able to recover it almost entirely using a data recovery product.

I know that it’s been a long time since HP held Discover in Europe but I thought that the video would be very interesting regardless, given that the SCSI Express technology is basically still a work in progress.

The video starts with the “coffee talk” with Ashok Patel and Joe Foster and then follows with a quick demo at the booth, the speeds were impressive!.

Enjoy the Video!

DISCLAIMER: HP invited me to the event and covered traveling and lodging expenses but I’m under no obligation to write, tweet or say anything about the event.