oio_logo_rgb_redI recently started a collaboration with OpenIO. I like those guys, they get object storage right and actually, they are doing more than traditional object storage. In fact, thanks to Grid for Apps and Conscience technologies, the product can leverage unused cluster resources to run pieces of applications directly into the storage in an AWS-Lambda-like fashion. It is really cool, isn’t it?

OpenIO offers all the features you expect from a traditional object store (Erasure coding, multi-site replication, tiering, file gateways and so on) and it is also very easy to install and use (to get a 3 node cluster running you need just five minutes and a few clicks!)… without mentioning that the software is open source. It is worth a try (here the link to get started).

The paper “A close look at application-aware object storage” is available here for free download. Enjoy the read!