techunplugged-logoWe are 3 weeks away from TECH.unplugged and I would like to give you some more information about the event, logistics and meet-ups that will be held in that week.

What is TECH.unplugged?

You haven’t heard about it yet? Well, in this case it’s not our fault ;), we spammed twitter with all kinds of messages about it. But, just to recap, directly from TECH.unplugged website:

“TECH.unplugged is a one day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure. Its innovative formula combines a group of independent, insightful and well-recognized bloggers with disruptive technology vendors and end users who manage technology rich environments.

Our goal is to assist IT decision makers by bringing them together with independent bloggers, industry vendors, and end users, and engaging in debates and open discussions on topics such as IT infrastructure, virtualization, cloud computing and storage.

TECH.unplugged focuses on end users and gives them the opportunity to actively participate in the event. In fact, most of the material presented is from independent sources, and end users play a major role by sharing their points of view, experiences and opinions.
The theme of the day will be “The Future of Enterprise IT: Technology and Strategies”. The focus will be entirely on new and disruptive technologies, and how they can be adopted in the real world.”

On the TECH.unplugged website you can also find a detailed agenda and a bio of all the speakers (Chris Evans, Martin Glassborow, Nigel Poulton, Hans De Leenheer and Stephe Foskett, me). But the event isn’t focused on the speakers, it’s focused on you! The idea is to make it very interactive and give everyone the opportunity to share opinions and experiences.

The (expanded) agenda

TECH.unplugged is on Wednesday,April 22, in London. It will be held at the Kensington Close Hotel (I’m not a Londoner but everyone has told me that it is very easy to reach via public transportation).
The official event is on the 22nd but there is more you should know before planning your visit!

The night before TECH.unplugged, on Tuesday, April 21, some storage folks (well, not only storage probably… but you know the kind of guys you’ll be meeting) will be meeting at Builder’s Harms Pub (7 PM).
Our friend Fred Monsone (@Fred_Monsone) has reserved some seats, but it would be much better if we knew how many of you are showing up! Please send a message to Fred or leave a comment on #StorageBeers group on Facebook.

Immediately after TECH.unplugged (Wednesday night the 22nd) there will be another meet-up, the #vWhatever, this time with our friends from London VMUG. It will be Curry and Beer (or whatever will be… we don’t know yet). The venue will be announced soon.
This time your contact person is Hans De Leenheer (@HansDeLeenheer on Twitter). Let him know via Twitter if you are planning to come.

On Thursday the 23rd there will be another great event: The LonVMUG! You can sign up here. You’re already familiar with it, I guess! but, just in case, it’s the VMware User Group event. Long story short, it’s another opportunity to attend great sessions, share experiences and do some networking with other peers.

And then, after LonVMUG (on Thursday evening the 23rd), we’ll be hanging out for another round of beers (maybe more than one). It will be #vBeers. Location and details can be found here.
Again, please send a message to Jane Rimmer (@Rimmergram on twitter) if you’re going to be joining us.

Wow! It is going to be a great week indeed!!

Planning your accomodation

If you plan to stay in London for more than one day, please take advantage of the special fare that we have with the hotel (£118 single + £12 for breakfast). Just use the ‘ABC’ code if you book the room via internet or ‘ABC connection’ via phone.

If you need further info, please leave a comment here or contact me via twitter (@esignoretti or @tech_unplugged).

We already have more than 80 registered attendees, if you are interested in attending don’t wait too long before registering (the registration form is available down below). All the events are free (except some of the beers!), but seating is limited!
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon in London!

A big thank you to our sponsors!

TECH.unplugged is possibile because we have found 5 great sponsors that decided to help us! They will be part of the event (each one of them will have a session) and they will stick around for some beers too… thank you again to Cloudian, Load Dynamix, Pernix Data, Zadara Storage, Zerto.