img_20161006_145536I’m always worried the day before a TECHunplugged event. Dealing with all the details will kill me one of these days(!), and you never know what turn out to expect, whether the influencers will perform like rock stars or broken drums, whether or not the vendors understand the spirit of the event and, above all, whether the attendees will find the content valuable.

Well, this time round everything was perfect!!! And I’m very satisfied with the outcome. More than 60 people attended the conference. End users were eager to be part of the conversation, talk about their experiences, share their point of view and always ready to comment. The level of interaction was off the chart.

As it happened before in London, we had to add 10 more seats in the room. We were crammed like sardines in a can, and most of the attendees left only after the last session. A large group actually continued to talk after the official event ended and it was 7PM by the time we said our good byes to the last guests!

The quality of the content was exceptional. Influencers gave great talks and some of them even added some fun demos. The presentations by the vendors were also enjoyable and insightful, making a valuable contribution to the day… as did the open round tables, which I believe were the highlight of the day.

img_20161006_143914I probably shouldn’t say… but I do think we did a great job yesterday and I was delighted by the comments!
A huge thank you goes to all the people who made TECHunplugged Amsterdam 2016 a great event: Attendees, influencers and vendors. We (Arjan and I) take pride in having the opportunity to put such a powerful group of people together to talk about real world IT, it’s a great moment of peer-to-peer networking as well as being informative.

All the presentations and videos recorded during the day will be shared in the following days. Stay in touch with us on twitter, event website and our weekly mailing list.

Now it’s time to think about TECHunplugged Chicago (27th of October). It will be the second time we take our small conference to the U.S. and I’d like to repeat all the fun and success we had in Amsterdam. If you are in the Chicago area I strongly suggest you join us for a day full of great insightful sessions, open roundtables and peer-to-peer networking! Registration is free for end users and IT professionals. Vendor employees are asked to pay a small fee.