We’ve been blogging and using social networks for about 2 years now, it has been entertaining as well as challenging since it allowed us to have  confrontations on a daily basis with a more and more quickly evolving global environment.It has been a compelling experience having first-hand news, having confrontations with bloggers and analysts, sharing our points of view and listening to other’s.Some discussions resulted in harsh and even useless clashes, anyhow there’s always been something new to know and learn. Nothing short of electrifying.

After this two years long experience as bloggers, we think the time has come to change the way we deal with social media, it’s time to do something new.We think that blogging free from company’s tangles (Cinetica) will give our posts a more unbiased point of view as well as give us free hand in expressing it.We opted to split our reviews into 2 blogs, each with its own distinct target, contents and (likely) readers.

think global!

Our new virtual venue: Juku.it. There we’ll do our best to share ideas, experiences and thoughts while remaining unbiased and clear.Juku is where discussions about technologies, markets and products will take place, is where we will try to analyze the outcomes for today’s enterprises.We think about it as a way to better keep in touch with anyone interested in cloud computing, virtualization and storage technologies.We’ll edit in italian and english language and sometimes add different contents from the usual blog posts (stay tuned!). Juku is also a facebook group and a twitter account you can subscribe to and keep informed about site updates, comment posts, take part or start new discussions. These groups will welcome any contents from subscribers (no ads please).

Juku already hosts some posts we think well express this philosophy, we chose them among most up-to-date Cinetica’s blog articles.

act local!

Cinetica‘s company site is being overhauled. New contents, a new blog focussing on company activities, in italian language only, will see the light very soon.Our Facebook page will still be there (255 fans cannot be left alone!), as well as Cinetica twitter account that will spread any site update and any event announcement.

Luca, Dario and Giancarlo will nourish Cinetica’s blog with technical reports about products, news and company events posts. While it will focus on Cinetica’s customers, any contribution will be welcomed. Couldn’t be simpler: think global, act local!