Last month I did some work with Caringo and a couple of their customers, Texas Tech University in the US and NEP in Europe.

Hand pointing to board with total cost of ownership designTotally different stories, but two of the most classic use cases for object storage: the first is about storage consolidation with distributed NAS front-end, while the latter is on smart and high performance CDN backend. I love talking to end users to find out how their choices pan out when it comes to infrastructure design and how they experience day-to-day system administration.

The two documents are not particularly long, (for marketing reasons), but I think they give a clear idea, once again, about the superior characteristics of object storage when it comes to $/GB and efficiency. It is also noteworthy to mention that TTU has a 250TB cluster while NEP has more than 200 nodes for a total of 1.25PB confirming that object storage now meets everyone’s needs, all you need is the right solution, Caringo in this case.

Here and here the two papers free for download. Enjoy the read!

I’m also working on a large report about object storage for enterprise use cases with GigaOM Research… it will be out soon, stay tuned!