I’m very happy to announce that my new podcast, Voices in Data Storage, is now online!

Thanks to some great team work at GigaOm, every week I’ll be able to record new interviews with end users, vendors and other industry experts to talk about the latest data, storage and cloud technologies. Each episode will be published with a companion article that includes the interviewee’s profile and a complete transcript of the show.

I’ll try to make this podcast as informative and educative as possible with the goal to keep it simple and enjoyable. Thirty-minute long episodes, straight to the point and with useful content for the listeners.

The first two episodes are already available to download onto your podcast catcher from iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and RSS. Subscribe … and if you like it, remember to give it 5 stars on your platform of choice.

What else? Enjoy the episodes that are already online… and stay tuned for the next Voice in Data Storage episodes!